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Pasabaglari ( Monk's valley )

When you are driving on the way to Avanos from Goreme, having driven through Cavusin village, you can see a fairy chimney through the grapevines and fruite trees that look like gaink monks that are running up the hill. Some of them have more than one head with interesting body shapes. Some of them has actually more than one body. A fairy chimney with three heads for instance is known as Hermitage of St. Simon. In 5th century, Saint Simon came to the region tol ive on a fairy chimney to get rid of the people of Jerusalem who started to disturb him after the rumors that he created miracles. Then, he moved into the fairy chimney with three heads that is higher than first one. This fairy chimney is dated to the 10th century and houses two rooms including the praying room that is reached by a step flight of stairs. The town has attracted many monks who were looking for some solitary place. We can not tell anything about the number of monks who sheltered in the fairy chimneys that seemed like nothing but a massive rock. But another name fort he town is the Monks valley which means the valley of the monks.  


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